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Logical Ventures, Inc. (LVI) was first established in 1983 and was incorporated in Oregon in February of 1984. The thrust of our business for almost three decades is providing electrical engineering, hardware and software design, training and consulting services, and helping other companies complete projects in a timely manner without compromising costs or quality. Our clients are companies that choose to outsource project R&D effort as well as companies seeking temporary help or staff augmentation for completion of specific projects.

Our client base ranges from very large Fortune-100 public companies to small proprietor-owned enterprises, and everything in between. The majority of our consultants have between 10 and 25 years of industrial experience behind them and are well versed with the latest technologies. This industrial experience works on your side when you hire our services.

The challenges facing many current R&D projects demand competence that goes far beyond just technical talent. Many projects require tight cooperation in a hybrid environment that often includes the client company's employees, internal and external contractors, external OEM organizations, and consultants. Maintaining effective communication and management skills in such an environment are crucial for project success--particularly in cases where development activities are performed by parties operating from geographically remote locations. Similarly, when a development project requires cooperative work that spans multiple engineering disciplines, effective communication between individuals or teams can become a challenge, more than originally anticipated. To meet such challenges, head on, our highly technical consultants received special training in organizational and communication skills that would enable them to more effectively cooperate with other engineering teams in a variety of complex situations.

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